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    Calender 15 June 2019 - 16 June 2019

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    locationPabellón de Cristal, Casa de Campo, Madrid


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Besides a huge quantity of activities, Madrid Otaku shows a great selection of booths.


Commercial booths

It's open the form to request a commercial booth

If you've any question or doubt please contact us in [email protected]

Creators Area

Creators Area it's coming back to Madrid Otaku 2019!
Creators Area bornt to power up creators and doujin phenomenon in Spain. If you produce manga, fanzine, illustrations, drawings, cosplay or videogames of your favourites characters you'll be interested on Creators Area.

If you're interested to participate with a position in Madrid Otaku 2019's Creators Area, please fill up the form.

If you've any doubt or question about Creators Area you can contact us in [email protected].

Non-profit organizations

Do you belong to a non-profit organization and you are interested in participate? Write us! [email protected]

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Buy your ticket and avoid queues

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